Disneyland Travel Planning – What’s the Closest Airport to Disneyland?

When planning your trip to Disneyland in California, you have a wealth of options when it comes to airports. So you first question likely is, what’s the closest airport to Disneyland? So here are the Disneyland airports by distance.

John Wayne Airport – 12 Miles

The John Wayne Airport is located in Irvine, CA. It is the closest airport to Disneyland and it’s a decent-sized regional airport serviced by many airlines, including Alaska Airlines, American, Continental, Delta (and now Northwest), Southwest, United and US AIrways. Virgin America also flies into John Wayne Airport.

Long Beach Airport – 18 miles away

Eighteen miles away in the city of Long Beach is the small Long Beach Airport. JetBlue Airways flies into Long Beach instead of LAX, so if JetBlue serves your local airport, you may just find a direct flight coming here.

Other airlines flying into Long Beach include Alaska, Delta and US Airways.

Los Angeles International Airport – 35 miles

LAX is the largest airport servicing the region so you might find that while it is the furthest away from Disneyland, it is also the cheapest to fly into. It is definitely the cheapest airport when it comes to renting a car. You’ll find the best on-airport prices at LAX, rather than the two regional airports.

If you have a preference for non-stop flights, in all likelihood, LAX will prove to be your only option anyway. But I would strongly recommend avoiding arrival during the evening rush hour in Los Angeles. Allow up to two hours for the drive to Disneyland if you are making any dinner reservations or other plans.

Also, keep in mind that the closest airport might not be the most economical or the best time-saver. You’ll want to make your decision on where to fly based on price, flight time (connecting flights add more time) and car rental prices or airport shuttle options available at that airport.

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